Prayer Requests Week beginning 21st May

For prayer requests this week, please remember to pray for the following matters:
1. Members suffering physically:

  • Sis. Kam Oi Wong
  • Sis. Mary Mah
  • Sis. Chew Fung Chin of Sabah, our Sis. Ivy Lau’s mother, who suffered a stroke.
  • Our elderly Sis. Chan Chung who is in hospital following a fall which cracked coccyx.
  • Sis Irene Chau from Calgary Church
  • Bro. James Chan from Vancouver
  • Ms Qing Qing Rao who is still unconscious in Hospital

2. Sis. Zoe Yan Zhou’s son, Ben Chen, who is not yet our member. Pray that our Lord God will grant him peace.
3. Members whom we know are facing difficulties and challenges in their lives.
4. Preaching and Visiting works.
5. Chelmsford Place of Worship.
6. London Church Board.